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Research by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that 4.4 million companies were established last year, an increase of 24% from 2019. However, for many people, this means staying at home and working remotely. For those who are not suitable for office work and have commercial driving experience, this may be a good time to start a truck job. After all, a FTR transportation intelligence report indicates that truck loading will increase by 5% next year. Although the number will increase slightly, this is very promising given a 4% drop in 2020.

Back to pre-pandemic levels -

Between the substantial increase in freight volume this year and a large number of customer expenditures, startups have many opportunities for development in the trucking industry. In fact, after the economic slowdown caused losses, the same report mentioned above pointed out how the freight market will fully recover before the end of this year and continue to grow in 2022.

Rise of tech add-ons -

Due to the upward movement of the supply chain, the adoption of trucking technologies such as camera systems and collision mitigation sensors has increased. Telematics provider Samsara recently reported that last year’s revenue increased by 80% year-on-year. Other technology startups in the industry, such as Bendix, MiX Telematics, and Drivewyze, have also experienced the same upward trend. These companies provide a variety of benefits, from Bendix’s built-in anti-collision technology to MiX Telematics GPS transponders. Another reason for the improvement in trucking technology is that modern software has improved error checking to avoid disasters when designing circuits. For example, when the stroke width and the paste mask do not meet the minimum distance, a violation will be flagged. This makes it easier for manufacturers to simplify the creation of these products and ensure that they are always sold in the market at an affordable price. This is good news for freight companies that want to seize the opportunity.

Truck driver shortage -

However, despite the customer’s demand for freight services and the continuous development of technology in the freight industry, it faces a major problem: the shortage of truck drivers. The American Trucking Association even warned us that if we do not have 100,000 new drivers each year, we will not have enough manpower to meet the demand. A big reason is the fear of taking risks, but there are other reasons, such as low median wages for drivers and lack of benefits. The latter two can be alleviated through competitive wages and other benefits. You can also use online job boards such as Truck Drivers R Us to promote your job openings to a wider audience.

Should you start a trucking business today ?

Although you may encounter post-pandemic challenges (such as driver shortages), 2021 is a good year to enter the trucking industry. After all, the market is improving and there are many affordable technologies to support your business. We have many industry success stories, such as commercial freight company Fleeting. Pierre Laguerre founded the company in 2019 before the first cases that eventually led to the pandemic, and despite complications last year, the company continues to grow. Recently, Fleeting even received investments worth US$500,000 from a number of companies such as the new fund Lockstep Ventures. Other freight start-ups such as Shipwell and HaulPROZ have achieved similar success. With proper planning, your business will also be successful.

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