It is planned to create a network of health clinics for motorists, other travelers and rural residents. Some of his financial support comes from executives in the automobile industry.

Interstate Health Systems announced plans to establish a network of primary care, urgent care and telemedicine services along the nation’s highway system.
Milestone brings the health services industry one step closer to eliminating what it calls a long-standing health barrier facing the 3.5 million professional drivers and introducing a new model to meet the health needs of rural Americans and commuters. central state.

With its initial funding, IHS has announced that it will begin opening 60 clinics over the next two years.
In addition, it will provide a technology system that integrates with the carrier’s platform and includes services such as telemedicine that are available in a unified prescription network.

The organization recently announced plans to build more than 300 urgent care clinics over the next six years, located near truck stops and transportation hubs that serve professional drivers.
land, the public and people who travel in vulnerable communities. As a result, the organization said it will help get healthcare faster for the 46 million Americans who currently live in underserved areas, as well as the 18 million veterans who can now choose who to give them options through the Veterans Administration Program.

The company said it has received financial support from a number of private investors, many of whom are travel and technology players, including:

“The IHS model is a big step forward in solving the various health issues that professional drivers face every day,” said Rob Estes, CEO of Estes Express Lines. “IHS is supported and advised by a group of driving, medical and technology leaders with the expertise to define the future of healthcare in rural America.

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