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In each play we’ve got most important characters and those backstage who are taking care of the overall image to be ideal, from the start to the end of the play. Dispatchers are people behind the scenes, hyperlink between truck drivers and customers or providers.

There is a pressure in this role that brings a hurry of adrenaline, and that feeling of hysteria after which alleviation as you count down the last five minutes before your driving force makes his window time.

For sure without truck drivers this all system will be impossible to manage but without dispatchers it will be a ticking bomb. This group of people have all the strings in their hands, trust me they know which string to pull to make an ideal performance.

Here is a list of tasks that Dispatchers do every day -

  • Monitor personnel or equipment locations and utilization to coordinate service and schedules.
  • Keeping records of the truck driver daily steps for errors or violations.
  • Schedule or dispatch workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles to appropriate locations, according to customer requests, specifications, or needs, using radios or telephones
  • Following truckers behavior and keeping him legal on the road
  • Determine the best delivery methods and negotiate rates
  • Oversee all communications within specifically assigned territories
  • Relay work orders, messages, or information to or from work crews, supervisors, or field inspectors, using telephones or two-way radio
  • Identify and evaluate any special needs for each load
  • Advice to the truck driver for construction areas, accidents, traffic problems or other hazards
  • Prioritize time sensitive cargo
  • Keeping up with maintenance
  • Confer with customers or supervising personnel to address questions, problems, or requests for service or equipment.
  • Possibility of making alerts of traffic problems such as construction areas, accidents, congestion, weather conditions, and other hazards
  • Keeping track on the economy is the best way to prevent your company from unexpected costs:

Fuel Cost Increases –

If your cost for shipment cannot cover fuel costs, driver wages, or the other undercurrent transportation costs, because you missed the information of the sudden increasе of the fuel price, your company will suffer heavy losses

Demand for trucking –

with increased economy expansion proportionally we have increased demands for overall freights

Important task for every dispatcher is to catch on time every economy changes that may influence on the trucking business.

Keep track on the hours of service be sure he is doing everything right, do not give him a chance to put his live in danger or to bring the company to an inconvenient situation

Make sure the truck is in perfect condition or react otherwise, regular maintenance gives secure loads.

Providing correct info can be helpful for the company to invest in driver training, to put special attention on specific situation or on the problematic behavior.

Having clear and precise list of the current loads, will give you step ahead to make effective load schedule, be aware of the loads that are nearby and inform the truck driver to pick up those loads, connect them and save time and money.

Imagine how additional cost the company will have if you missed this information. Sending another truck driver in the same location where some of your trucks been before in the same time or short time after is unnecessary cost for the company. Find the best schedule method for shipments.

Improve your planning process, locate, prepare and assign the truck drivers for taking certain loads. This is the reason why a dispatcher must be highly organized and able to handle high amounts of information’s.

Advice: Make your effort to organize your tasks in short concise notes, if it is necessary split your loads in small area columns and be ready to connect that loads at any time.

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